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Coil Roofing Nailer
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Product: Views:266Coil Roofing Nailer 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-08-28 19:44

About Coil Roofing Nailer CN45RA

• Light weight and well balanced for easy operating.

• Superior power with hardened one piece piston for professional application.

• Open nose design, for easy extraction of a jammed nail.

• Hardened claw tip, reduces wear and limits slippage when driving at a stand angle.

Product Information

Model No.: CN45RA

Dimension: 283mm*280mm*115mm(11.14“*11.02”*4.52“)

Weight: 2.5kg(5.5Ib)

Required Pressure: 70-110PSI (4.8-7.5Bar)

Max.Pressure: 120PSI (8.3bar)

Nail Capacity: 120pcs

Production details


Multi directional exhaust port directs air away

from operator and work surface.



Can be bump fire and sequential fire,

It can support two way of strike.


Drive Guide

Open nose design, for easy extraction of a jammed nail.

Heat-treated drive guide is more durable.



The magazine can load 120 pcs coil wired nail,

Tool free depth of drive adjustment, for flush or countersunk drive into varying material.


Product Function

The AEROPRO coil nailer CN45RA is a nail gun which is usually used to put asphalt shingles or fiberglasses on the rooftop of the house so that the house can save form any natural disaster and also give protection to the insiders.

CE Certificate of Product

Packaging & Delivery

• Delivery Time: Around 45 days after your payment.

• Package:AEROPRO Craft box

• Net Weight: 18 kgs/Carton / Gross Weight: 19 kgs/Carton

• Carton Size & Volume:43.5×35.5×34mm

• Warranty: 1year limited warranty

Some Tips of Buying a Coil Roof Nailer

√ Durability

You need a long life of your roofing nailer tool especially if you are a contractor. Consider a few factors regarding this issue.

√ Material

Usually, most roof nailers designed and used for outdoors. They are highly durable as they mainly constructed of steel and aluminum.

√ Construction

Some added features ensure roofing nailers protection from unwanted tear and wear for instance filters used to keep debris out of the motor. Again, wear plates used to protect from abrasion. Pay close attention to how better your roofing nailer is made. It will last longer.

√ Versatility

When it comes to versatility there are two important things you need to consider carefully. Firstly, other than roofing can you use the nails for other works? Try to find out if the nailer with attachments allows for other important outdoor tasks like putting up siding.

Secondly, on your roofing nailer what materials it allows to use? You will find some are very versatile. They will allow you to use them aluminum siding, vinyl, fiberglass shingles, asphalt, and waterproof tar paper.

√ Waterproof feature

Remember to check the availability of a waterproof option. Roofing job varies its time. Warm, colder, sudden light or heavy rain time you have to face. Its natural your roofing nailer will be exposed to some precipitation. Be sure your roofing nailer won’t freeze up in the cold and a little bit of water.

Certainly, the more option to do different things with your roofing nailer offer the better your roofing nailer buy will be. In your go for the tool if you are thinking to invest a lot of money remember above all important points.

√ Issue of Safety

When you are working with power tools safety is very important. But when you are going to use the tool on a roof you should strictly follow some extra steps to keep away from danger. You will also require some special attention.

Interestingly,  it is rubber grips that in fact makes a big difference. It helps to make your nailer easier to control and hold. Besides, when placed on a slanted roof they provide some friction. It helps in a various way such as sliding, possible falling and getting away from you. You know in the area below its a huge safety risk as well as can cause irreparable damage.

Nail guns mean common foot and hand injuries. Always wear protective gear. Safety glasses are highly recommended. Whenever possible use a sequential mode.

√ Directional Exhaust

Until you use it you won’t feel the difference. Your work will be more enjoyable if you can easily keep the air and debris out of your face.

Tool-less depth adjustment

It' s very simple. Just turn a dial and enjoy. Its true it will not be as perfect as a manual adjustment. However, recently the top nailers brand developed a lot of tool-less adjusters. They are almost accurate as the manual.

√ Jam Clearing

Best quality roofing nailers should bring jam very less. Yet it’s inevitable sometimes you have to face it. If your nailer offers a user-friendly simple way to clear a jam with no obstacle you will be able to go back quickly to your work.)

√ Safety Tips for Roofing Nailers

A roofing nail gun ensures fastest ways to complete on a new roof job. It will ensure the nails go in very efficiently, quickly and very easily. Moreover, it ensures your safety.

Always keep in mind, when you use a roofing nail guns there are some inherent dangers. While utilizing this tool follow our review of some of the roofing nail gun safety tips.

Why Choose AEROPRO

AEROPRO is Rongpeng's sub-brand that stands for professional,fashion design of Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools. The manufacturer Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co.,LTD is a vertically integrated professional air tool manufacturer.We provide Design,Development,Sales and service to all our customers.AEROPRO has been registered in the following countries, US, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, UAE, Germany, Canada, Genevese (Covering the area of U.S.A, U.K, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Singapore, Estonia, Greece, Turkey, France ), India, e.t.c.

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